OPERATING SYSTEMS: Linux (Red Hat, SuSe, Slackware, Mandravia, Ubuntu), Unix (Solaris, HP-UX, FreeBSD), VAX/VMS, Windows, ComOS, Cisco IOS

PROGRAMMING: Wrote shell script programs for Linux/Unix systems. Also familiar with PHP, SQL, and HTML.



SERVERS apache, sendmail, proftpd, radius, ntp, mysql, sshd, dhcp, nis, nfs, dns, zimbra


  CISSP,  Security+,  Linux+


 Jun 2012 - Mar 2013 General Dynamics Information Technology, Hagerstown, MD
Principle Analyst, Info Security
  • Performed network scans & script reviews on Unix/Linux servers to identify potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Conducted annual security assessments at offices with the identified organizational structure.
 Mar 2011 - Jun 2012 HireStragey, Washington, D.C.
System Engineer
  • Subcontracted to Netconn Solutions for Linux Support.
  • Installed, integrated, configured, & hardened various systems to support Netconn's SaaS plateformes. These included Cisco Unified Communications platform, Zimbra collaboration servers, & DNS.
  • Assisted in troubleshooting other Linux based appliances.
 Aug 2010 - Mar 2011 Tek Systems, Montgomery, AL
Information Technology Specialist (CUSTPT)
  • Technical analyst & customer liaison for various AF & DOD portals at DISA.
  • Supported over 250 servers running Solaris, Linux, and HP-UX using BladeLogic and ssh terminals.
  • Monitored services using SiteScope & Formula to identify network and server malfunctions.
  • Used knowledge of OS, applications, and platforms to support customers & technical specialists to ensure SLA objectives.
  • Tracked issues via Remedy until successfully resolved.
 Aug 2008 - Dec 2009 Eka Systems, Germantown, MD
System Administrator
  • Managed servers running various Operating Systems: Linux (Red Hat, SuSe, Slackware, Mandravia, Ubuntu), Unix (FreeBSD), Windows 2003
  • Wrote their IT Policies and Procedures
  • Developed a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Configured & installed a secure VPN for remote access
  • Consolidated an ad hoc collection of servers into fewer, more secure servers.
  • Configured & installed a secure FTP server for transfering files to and from the corporate LAN
  • Improved the server, network, and cabling documentation
 Dec 2006 - Aug 2008 SSIC, Harrisburg, PA
System Administrator
  • Performed daily maintenance on DOD's PKI servers running on Linux (Red Hat) and Unix (Solaris)
  • Diagnosed and resolved any problems with the PKI servers
  • Performed Changre Requests as directed by engineering
  • Held Secret security clearance
 Nov 2003 - Jun 2006 ITT Systems, Iraq
Satellite Technician
  • Operated and maintained voice/data communications network for the coalition forces using satellite links
  • Provided customer support, identified and isolated network and CENTREX problems, troubleshot and repaired computer and satellite link problems.
  • Maintained user database on MS Exchange server and performed daily system maintenance
  • Held Secret security clearance
 Apr 2003 - Oct 2003 Spacelink International, Dulles, Virginia
Satellite Technician
  • Performed acceptance testing for the Air Force on a Very Small Apature Terminal (VSAT)
  • Operated and maintained two earth stations
  • Held Secret security clearance
 Oct 1996 - Apr 2003 Au Fait Communications, Hagerstown, MD
Founder/Owner/Network Engineer
  • Manged all technical aspects of local ISP, including configuration & maintenance of Apache Web server, DNS, FTP, RAS, and email administration running on Linux servers (Red Hat, Slackware)
  • Built, monitored and maintained networks, including FPNs for customers
  • Worked with telephone companies (telco) to install ISDN BRI, PRI and frame relay circuits. Configured channel bonding over phone lines.
  • Wrote shell scripts to monitor the network and trip alarms whenever servers or circuits failed
  • Monitored servers for security breaches, applied security patches and upgraded software to incorporate latest security technology
 Feb 1992 - Mar 1999 Hughes Netwrok Systems, Germantown, MD
Project Engineer
  • In charge of system engineering for VSAT and Telephony Earth Stations (TES) networks
  • Installed and configured NOCs consisting of VAX/VMS clusters on Ethernet, telephone or satellite LANs/WANs to control & monitor TES network
  • Built TES interfaces with telco switches for ISDN (BRI/PRI), FXO and analog lines. Performed troubleshooting on signal problems
  • Set up interfaces with RF equipment of earth stations
  • Generated link budgets, numbering plans, system design and as built documentation
  • Provided technical support for installers and customers
  • Wrote DCL scripts to automate installation and maintenance functions
 Sep 1998 - Jan 1990 Video Masters, Inc., Kansas City, MO
System Engineer
  • Wrote test procedure and participated in testing of the DMP-122, a portable video compression and satellite transmission unit for the Army
  • Tested, installed and provided customer support for Railnet, a system to transmit video images over telephone lines
  • Participated in writing of proposals for video and data networks
 Apr 1985 - Jan 1990 Hadron-CPD, Chantilly, VA
System Engineer
  • Engineered, assembled, tested and preformed warranty repairs on packet radio controllers, network node controllers, data rate converter equipment and KY-57 simulators
  • Provided support for encryption equipment, including compatability and modification issues
  • Led engineering effort to modify a commercial VHF repeater to provide remote channel switching for hand held radios operating in encrypted mode
  • Helped select and install corporate CAD system
 Sep 1984 - Apr 1985 Comsat Technology Products, Clarksburg, MD
Senior Engineer
  • Designed burst bit error rate test sets used in design and testing of COMSAT's VSAT system and helped integrate forward error correcting (FEC) codec and modems into the system
 Apr - 1973 - Apr 1984 M/A COM-DCC, Germantown, MD
Senior Engineer
  • Promoted six times in eleven years from start as junior technician
  • Designed a variety of modules used in telecommunications systems
  • Designed and built digital section of LAN and DATE brassborads used in feasibility studies
  • Tested and assisted with system integration, field installation and maintenance of various wireless communications technologies, modems and secure voice systems

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